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Starz Dance Academy

Starz Dance Academy offers many levels of ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop classes. A great form of exercise, dance classes are also a wonderful way for your child to build confidence, coordination, self-esteem and have fun! We have classes available for children age three through high school. Many of our dancers started out in our preschool programs and have continued to grow, mature, and advance up to and through our more advanced classes.
Dance is truly a form of physical fitness that will last a lifetime! Throughout the year our dancers will have several opportunities to perform in the Fort Wayne area. Be prepared for a real treat when you see your child dance in our annual dance recital! Held each year in June, it is a quality production that will showcase each child's talents.

Combination Classes - Ages 3 - 8

Class Length 30 minutes - $40.00 per month
Class Length 45 minutes - $50.00 per month
If you can't decide on a type of dance, then a Combination Class is the perfect choice. This fun and diverse class gives a child the opportunity to experience more than one style of dance in a single class. Each class is divided into two parts which allow for instruction in both ballet and tap, jazz and tap, or jazz and hip hop. Tap and Ballet Combo classes will always start with tap first.

Ballet Classes - Ages 3 and up

Class Length 30 minutes - $40.00 per month
Class Length 45 minutes - $50.00 per month
Ballet is the foundation for most types of dance, and is an excellent basis for tap, jazz, and hip hop. Each student will learn the five (5) ballet positions and will expand on those positions as their skills progress. Ballet is a wonderful way to build grace, confidence and flexibility.

Jazz Classes - Ages 9 and up

Class Length 45 minutes $50.00 per month
Jazz classes are designed to build self-confidence, rhythm, and coordination. Today's popular music and current dance techniques have kept this ever popular form of dance in the spotlight. This exciting and fun form of dance will appeal to all ages.
Ballet Girl - Ballet Classes in Fort Wayne IN

Lyrical Classes - Ages 9 and up

Class Length 45 minutest $50.00 per month
Lyrical Dance is a blending of ballet and jazz, to produce the perfect medium for creative self-expression. Lyrical dance tells the story of a piece of music through movement. Lyrical combines the technique and discipline of ballet with the freedom of movement and expression of jazz. *Previous dance experience is required*

Tap Classes - Ages 9 and up

Class Length 45 minutest $50.00 per month
Tap teaches rhythm, precision of movement and develops the ability to not only move, but to think quickly. This class will be a real hit with children!
Jazz Classes - Tap Classes in Fort Wayne IN

Hip Hop Classes - Ages 9 and up

Class Length 45 minutest $50.00 per month
Hip Hop is fun, funky and very popular! Similar to jazz, hip hop allows a dancer more freedom of self-expression. Starz Dance Academy strives to make its Hip Hop choreography and music age appropriate and enjoyable.

Private Lessons - Ages 5 and up

Class Length 30 minutest Class Price - $35.00
Private lessons may be scheduled to gain some additional time to work on different skills and techniques. Lessons must be scheduled with individual teachers in their available time slots. Pre-qualifications: Must be enrolled in a dance class in order to request a private lesson.

Student Dress Code:

Each dancer is required to wear the appropriate attire for the style of dance(s) in which they participate. Long hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, braid or bun. Earrings (except studs), necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings are not permitted during the class or performances. Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to participate in class. All apparel must be a solid color, NO patterns, zippers or snaps!

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Feel confident knowing you're doing something special for your child's future and health by contacting us in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for preschool and school age Gymnastics, preschool and school age Dance and our Academic Fitness Based Preschool.